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External Wall Insulation

External Wall insulation can be a smart investment for any homeowner who is looking to improve the energy efficiency of their property. This type of insulation helps to reduce damp and also improves the curb appeal of your property.

By fixing a layer of insulation to the external walls of your property you essentially create a blanket around your home which restricts the heat escaping through your walls which then keeps your home warmer in the winter months but also cooler in the warmer weather too.

If your home has solid walls (likely if your property was built before 1920) then twice as much heat escapes from solid walls than it does from cavity walls so by insulating your property you can significantly cut your energy bills.

The Process

Polystyrene insulation boards will be mechanically fixed  around the outside of your property, which essentially creates a blanket around your home. Once fixed, these boards will then be rendered and finished with a range of finishes. This will make your property more aesthetically pleasing as well as more draft and damp proof.

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