Future costs and the everyday costs in energy bills are the major factor in households falling into the fuel poverty trap. There has been no better time to upgrade your electric heating installation. At Wallcoatings Ltd we are here to help you achieve the standard to help you avoid the biggest financial problem for the majority of households in the UK today and ensure you keep hold of more of your hard earned money.
Recent discussions have defined that no time in the predicted future will the government or the energy companies address the unrivaled increase in energy costs and so it is down to you and us to look at how cost savings can be achieved. There are many products on the market that either have a funding stream to them or have a financial input from the house owner/occupier.
Every household has the need to reduce their outgoings and now Wallcoatings Ltd can offer you the owner/occupier a chance to install new high heat retention storage heaters for free with no upfront costs, no after payments or any other small print hidden charges. Due to recent changes in the Energy Companies Obligations to reduce fuel poverty, the majority of those in fuel poverty will fit the required criteria and will look to benefit from a more energy efficient home. 

Energy saving is important and the time to act is now, contact us to arrange  an appointment to discuss further the benefits and how you can enjoy the cost savings of having new high heat retention heaters installed. There are no high pressure sales teams to bombard you with information as it is a free installation with no obligation and certainly no hidden agenda to lead you into anything that you do not want or need.