What is the Green Deal?

The Green Deal scheme is a new way to help pay for your energy-saving home improvements. Green Deal finance is available for measures such as loft, cavity or solid wall insulation, double glazing and boilers. 


* Any property with an electricity metre installed in England, Scotland and Wales can use the Green Deal scheme.

* If your property is rented then both the landlord and the tenant must agree to the works.


To find out if your property could benefit from energy saving improvements you can call the Energy Saving Advice Service on: 0300 1231234 to find out more.


What is next?


You must have an assessment undertaken to be eligible for the Green Deal, if you contact us we will be able to put you in touch with the correct people and guide you in the process.


You may be asked by the assessor if your property

                   - is owned or rented

                   - has any access restrictions

                   - whether or not your home is a listed building.

                   - has recent bills to show energy consumption 


Upon visit you could be asked 

                    - how many people are living at the property

                    - how often you use your heating

                    - whether or not you already have energy saving measures                                     in place.  


Shortly after the assessment  you will receive a Green Deal Advice Report this contains the following information:

 - An Energy Performance Certificate rating your homes energy efficiency.

 - An Occupancy Assessment to document how much energy you and other          occupantsare using.

 - Assessors recommended improvements

 - An estimate of the energy you could save

 - A statement as to whether or not the improvements will pay for themselves      through reduced energy costs.


** the Green Deal Advice report will be valid for 10 years providing no energy saving improvements or changes are made to the property e.g. adding an extension to the property or changing the windows.**





Wall Coatings ltd are approved Green Deal Installers for External Wall Insulation

Wall Coatings Ltd were the South East Regional Green Deal winners 2015 for Insulation and Fabric Installer of the Year!!