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Below are some of the questions we are frequently asked.. if you have any additional questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.



Will i need to move out whilst work comences?

No! You will not be required to move out whilst work commences on your property. We ensure that disruption is kept to a minimum, ensuring that all entrances and exits are easily accessible throughout the whole process. Noise and disruption is kept as minimal as we can and work is carried out promptly ensuring your home is transformed in as little time as possible.



Will I need to prepare my property prior to works taking place?

No! Wall Coatings Ltd will prepare the property removing any fixtures on the outside of the property including any signs or hanging baskets that may be in place. These will then be re-fixed after the system has been installed unless otherwise stated by the property occupant.


How long will it take from start to finish?

External wall insulation usually takes between 2-3 weeks from start to finish. This is from the moment scaffoldings are assembled to when they are dismantled at the end. This however like most building works is weather dependant.


How do I know what type of walls my property has?

If your home was built after the 1920's then it is likely to have cavity walls. If your home was built in the last 10 years then it is likely that you have cavity wall insulation. If you are still confused then we will be able to assist you in what type of walls you have.



How long does External Wall Insulation last?

External Wall Insulation has a life expectancy of up to 60 years if it is properly maintained


Will the work be guarenteed?

Yes! The work will be guaranteed. Guarantees depend on the systems used.


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