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In order to get the best out of the system and to keep it looking new we advise you to follow the simple pointers below...

Most small marks and dirt can be hosed off with cold water, you could also jet wash from a distance using a household power washer.


Any small stains can be removed using a semi stiff brush along with warm water and a house hold detergent. Scrub from the centre of the stain in circular movements to ensure an even distribution of colour. Once the stain has been removed ensure that you rinse the wall well with warm water to remove any of the detergent that may be left.

Try not to lean any metal objects such as ladders up against the walls as rust can occur leaving unsightly marks.



Splashes from leaking gutters or downpipes can soon mark the finish so are best repaired as soon as possible to keep the system looking clean and unspoilt.


Don't reverse vehicles up to newly applied systems as they can leave black unsightly marks from exhaust emissions.


Make sure refuse bins are positioned away from the walls as heavy contact with the bins or their lids could cause damage to the render systems.


Wall climing plants should be avoided if possible and all plants positioned as to not touch the walls.







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